About project

Project Title: ACCELMED - Acceleration for Mediterranean Companies
Duration: From July 2013 to December 2014
Financing Program: MED Programme



Building transnational support tools addressing main obstacles faced by Mediterranean SMEs: access to funding, access to international markets and access to acceleration programme fostering their growth.



(Transnational Acceleration Tools for MED SMEs)



Investment forums
Acceleration programme
Cross-landing services



Innovation Union, flagship initiative of Europe 2020 strategy has recognised that innovation is one of the key means to help redirect the European economy back to the growth, reduce unemployment, boost entrepreneurial spirit and tackle societal challenges in the global economy.

SMEs are heart of the MED economy and contribute to 85% of net new jobs in the EU’s private sector, thus a methodology for supporting their permanent growth is needed in order to achieve job creation and economic development.  Mediterranean companies are mainly microenterprises, which encounter the following two barriers for growth:

- Limited access to funding

- Limited access to international markets

Capitalising the results and lessons learned from previous MED funded projects MED-KED, MACCBAM and 2inS, ACCELMED project is designed to support SMEs’ growth, improving their access to funding and internationalisation opportunities by:

  • Organising seven transnational investment forums through a common transnational methodology taking into account the MED venture capital situation and using an on-line platform for exchange and feedback between investors and selected SMEs.
  • Analysing the entrepreneurship ecosystems and internationalization support tools of MED Partners and establishing a network to support SMEs through cross-landing services to facilitate their internationalization.
  • Developing an acceleration programme for SMEs with high growth potential for supporting them in defining the business strategy, access to funding and internationalization. A package of business support services will be set-up through tailor made actions. Common policy recommendations for the EU period 2014-2020 will be drafted. 



The Project partnership is composed by six partners from five Mediterranean countries. Each partner plays a leading role in the field of innovation and business support services in its region and at international level.