Join webseminar "Approaching investors"

Date of event: 
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The webinar on "Approaching investors" on 29 July 2014 at 14.30 willl be delivered by Francesco Inguscio, CEO and founder of Nuvolab, one of the main venture accelerator for startups in Italy. Participants will be presented with the process to fund a new company, identification of different funding possibilities and process and rules on how to approach and negotiate a deal with an potential investor.

DATE: 29/7/2014 - 14.30 to 15.30


TRAINER: Francesco Inguscio, Nuvolab srl

OBJECTIVE: The webinar on "Approaching investors" will help start-ups understand the process to fund a new company, identify different funding possibilities and know about process and tacite rules to approach and negotiate a deal with an investor.

- Overview
- An inconvenient truth
- Finding funding: different sources
- How to approach investors
- Conclusions


Francesco Inguscio is CEO and founder of Nuvolab, one of the main venture accelerator for startups in Italy. In 2010 he worked for M31, one of the most important business incubator in Italy as Business Development Director of its Silicon Valley branch, M31 USA. Formerly, he has been working both for the US Market Access of San Jose, a first rate international start-ups incubator in Silicon Valley, as business developer, and for the Angels’ Forum of Palo Alto, a leading business angel network in California, as financial analyst. In March 2010 he was awarded with his team of VRMedia, at Stanford University, with the Mind The Bridge prize, as the most innovative high tech startup in Italy. Previously, among others, he succeeded in working as research fellow in School of Advanced Studies Sant’Anna of Pisa (2009); as analyst IBM Global Business Services (2008) on market planning and IP management projects; as business strategy analyst in Accenture Business Consulting (2006), where he was involved in several projects concerning marketing and strategy analysis for the banking & insurance industry, and in the development of new financial products; he also worked in Prometeia (2005), a financial firm where he supported the development of innovative financial products and the creation of risk management tools for the banking industry. Francesco earned a BA in Management & Finance magna cum laude in 2003 and a MA in Finance magna cum laude in 2005, both from the University of Padova. In 2008, he got a Master in Innovation Management cum laude at the School Sant’Anna of Pisa. Currently; in 2010 he earned a Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship at the Santa Clara University (CA), supported by the Fulbright BEST Program Grant.