Transnational Investment Forum in collaboration with Keiretsu Forum in Barcelona, Spain

Monday, October 27, 2014

The ACCELMED - Keiretsu forum has been organised by Barcelona Activa in cooperation with Keiretsu Fourm, the biggest international network of private investors. Keiretsu is a platform for networking and finding opportunities for investment between 100.000€ - 1M €, in companies from high growth potential. Keiretsu is a Japanese term describing a group of affiliated corporations with broad power and reach. Keiretsu Forum is described as a conglomeration of individuals or small companies that are organized around private equity funding for mutual benefit.

Eight Mediterranean start-ups pitched at the Barcelona Stock Exchange, in front of 40 investors and 8 representatives from the ACCELMED partnership. Four companies from Barcelona, two from Milan, one from Bologna and one from Ljubljana.

The Slovenian company Accounting Box by Jurij Bajzelj has a virtual system that facilitates the efforts of the company, whether invoices, payroll, transfers, improvements to internal communication, etc. Companies hiring this service can directly use the platform Accounting Box or integrate it into their systems, such as Microsoft. Currently the StartUp which already has 100 customers and an investment of 500,000 euros, searches for 100,000 euros to improve the product that will be offered at a price of 30 euros per month.

The three companies that came from Italy presented three very different products but all addressing current challenges. ¿Do we trust all products we see on the Internet? Many times we would like to check the brand and the product that we are about to buy. This is what the Cryptoband company is doing, an anti-fraud virtual platform that allows real-time tracking of the product and its status, as well as an immediate certification of any documentation, such as brands, know where production takes place, nationality, product materials, etc. To make this verification, Cryptobrand is working with the e-commerce and Telecom companies. Now, to improve the product they search for 4000.000 euros.

Another proposal is the solution of the Italian StartUp Speedyplan. This company wants to end all nightmares of companies that have to perform logistical transport of goods through a cloud solution that provides significant cost savings. Using algorithms, the company can find the most efficient and simple way to transport their products. Currently the company needs 450,000 euros to improve its product and is closing a deal with one of the major automobile companies of Italy.

The third Italian company was Spiiki. It is a platform for selling coupons, which could be used by companies who want to offer their products. Currently, they already have 3,500 customers and 45,000 users, but the company needs 500,000 euros to improve visibility on its website.

The four Spanish companies also presented completely different projects. Quizlyse is a gamification platform, which allows to raise questions systematically resulting in greater retention of users and therefore monetization of companies’ websites. Their largest customer is Marca and now they need 200,000 euros to market their platform.

Forever us has developed a new technology that allows developing new formats of cemetery tombstone, stronger and more versatile, integrating a digital platform to design them. Currently they’ve sold 1,000 tombstones in Spain and, among their customers they have 3 of the 5 most important funeraries. One of their added value is that the stones may have QR codes and have 30 year warranty.

Open Senses filled the room with a spray of orange flavor. And this is precisely what they sell: they develop olfactory experiences for aromatic products and corporations. Currently they require 150,000 euros.

Swapay is a payment system through mobile devices based on  QR codes and compatible with NFC technology and a marketing platform where merchants can create their own campagins to acquire and build customer loyalty. Now they need 200,000 euros to market this option in restaurants and supermarkets.