ASTER is the Consortium established in 1985 with the aim to support the economic growth of the Emilia-Romagna productive system through: the promotion of industrial research and technology development, the improvement of high quality skilled professionals and the career development in technology transfer field. ASTER coordinates projects and activities for the development of industrial research, the transfer of know-how and of technological competencies to the business sector, the training of human resources towards innovation with a local, national and international projection.

It operates on thematic areas of strategic importance for the regional system: advanced mechanics, environment, sustainable development and energy, agri-food, constructions and building materials, life and health sciences, ICT.


Lucie Sanchez
Area Creazione d'Impresa - Business Start-Up Area

ASTER S. Cons. p. A.
CNR Bologna Research Area
Via Gobetti, 101 - 40129 Bologna, Italy