Barcelona Activa, integrated in the Area of Economy, Enterprise and Employment, is the executive tool of the Economic Development policies of the Barcelona City Council.

Barcelona Activa's mission is to be the reference organization for policies supporting enterprises, employment creation and international projection in Barcelona, as an excellent environment for economic activity and social progress.

For 25 years, Barcelona Activa has promoted the economic growth of Barcelona and its influence area, fostering businesses, entrepreneurship and employment, while promoting the city internationally and its strategic sectors, as well as maintaining proximity to the districts and citizens.

Barcelona Activa is organised around the following business and cross-cutting areas:

  • Entrepreneurship. Coaching entrepreneurs from their business ideas to the setting up of their companies, fostering entrepreneurship to position Barcelona as a model of entrepreneurial city.
  • Enterprise. To support businesses in the city of Barcelona to improve their competitiveness, foster relations with the city’s tractor companies and offer business oriented services for the generation of economic growth and employment.
  • Professional skills and employment. Guide and empower people throughout their career, according to market and business requirements, allowing the qualitative encounter between labour demand and supply.
  • Training (transversal). Offers a range of training activities adapted to the needs of the Barcelona Activa’s users, including IT training and dissemination activities to improve the technological skills of Barcelona’s citizens, professionals and businesses.
  • City promotion. Promote the city of Barcelona to foreign investors and businesses to improve the flows, exchanges and economic relations with foreign countries for boosting the Barcelona brand and the city and its metropolitan area as a leader in business.
  • Strategic sectors promotion. Support business cooperation and research projects, public-private partnerships in economic sectors that are strategic for Barcelona’s economy, leadership and positioning.
  • Tourism and events. Promote tourism and efficiently manage the impact it has on Barcelona and to attract and support economically advantageous events in the city, building long term loyalty whilst preserving citizen’s quality of life.
  • Territory promotion and commerce. Boost local economic development by working with Barcelona’s 10 districts, with the aim of fine tuning and bringing Barcelona Activa’s services closer to them, supporting the districts’ economic and commercial activity.


Role of PP in ACCELMED project

Barcelona Activa is the Lead Partner of the ACCELMED project, thus coordinating the partnership, undertaking the global project management and directing the communication with EU institutions.

Barcelona Activa is also active in the whole project implementation, participating in its five work packages and leading Work Package 4: “Cross-landing and Internationalization”, which has the objective of strengthening international strategies through the development of a favourable ecosystem of soft-landing services. To achieve it, three workshops will be organised involving relevant stakeholders with the purpose of defining the available and needed cross-landing services and a Memorandum of Understanding.

For Work Package 3: “Transnational access to funding”, which seeks the objective of improving SMEs’ access to private funding, Barcelona Activa will actively participate in the organization of seven investment fora involving SMEs and investors from several MED countries.

Finally, Barcelona Activa will bring its know-how in the organization of acceleration programmes in order to define an implement a transnational coordinated “Acceleration Programme” (Work Package 5) for selected SMEs in the Mediterranean.


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