Promos is the Special Agency of the Milan Chambers of Commerce dedicated to the promotion of international activities. Its mission is to support the competitiveness of Milan entrepreneurs in the world marketplace, by providing advanced products, services and tools to adequately support small and medium-sized businesses in their activity on foreign markets.

Through its network of operational desks in Milan and in international areas of particular importance, Promos promotes the development of entrepreneurial and commercial relations between businesses from Milan and others from around the world.

INFORMATION - Promos provides news and up-to-date information on traditional and emerging markets and on the business opportunities they offer; information on the available internationalisation services, with particular reference to those dedicated to the small and medium-sized business; printed matter and multimedia publications (newsletters, books, CD-ROMs, country guides); personalised e-mail services; and Internet connections with providers of internationalisation services.

SUPPORT TO INTERNATIONALIZATION - Promos can help companies in all the phases of internationalisation thanks to special assistance centres located throughout the Milan area. Furthermore it has a network of operative units in a number of countries of particular importance such as Brazil, Argentina and China and in other emerging markets, such as Russia, the Balkan Republics and Eastern Europe and Mediterranean countries. These centres search for and select partners in foreign markets, organise trade missions and business meetings and assist companies in participation in international trade fairs. They also offer concrete support to Milanese entrepreneurs operating abroad in legal, contractual, tax and financial matters.

ACCESS TO LOANS - Promos, in collaboration with the leading Multilateral Financial Organisations (the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the African Development Bank) and with the specialised Italian public organisations (Simest and Mediocredito Centrale), also promotes “The Multilateral Financial Organisations Programme”, which is aimed at informing Milanese entrepreneurs about the business opportunities offered by the multilateral development banks (calls for tenders, meetings with functionaries of multilateral banks, etc.), and the activity of the Sportello Mondializzazione ("Globalisation Centre"), helping those companies interested in loans for activity abroad (exports to countries at risk, opening sales offices, etc.).

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION - Promos operates to strengthen the international competitiveness of highly innovative companies or groups of companies through actions of direct promotion, agreements for technology transfer, and research into alternative marketing channels. Promos also offers companies from Milan new ways of promoting and distributing their products through the use of innovative tools, and introduces them to the opportunities offered by the "virtual marketplace" of Internet.


Role of PP in ACCELMED project

Promos – Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce will provide qualified advice on project features and will promote the investment forum using its networks, institutional and private contacts, data base and communication channel to involve investors and entrepreneurs and to disseminate the results of the activities.

The support work will be develop through the institutional network with the partner in foreign focused countries, the Multilateral Financial Organisations, the Euro-Med Development Center (EMDC) and on the occasion of international and national events organized in Milan and Lombardy region (Country presentations, incoming of foreign delegations, economic forum and trade mission).

In the international and national sphere, partner of Promos are: public and private trade association and export consortium, Chambers of Commerce in Italy and foreign Countries, Italian Government, Lombardy Region, EMDC network, Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), Italian lending institutions and banks, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, African Development Bank, diplomatic offices and representatives.

According to its experience and its network Promos will provide input to define a transnational methodology for soft-landing services involving stakeholders from Lombardy region interested in the project and developing agreement to support a bilateral cooperation among the SME’s.


Promos – Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce
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