Technology Park Ljubljana is a leading entity and key national stakeholder in the development of innovative and knowledge based entrepreneurship in Slovenia. Technology Park Ljubljana represents the “first Slovene public-private partnership” as it was established as the result of the extraordinary vision and forth sight of public bodies, national research institutes as well as leading ICT and pharmaceutical companies.

Technology Park Ljubljana focuses its efforts on facilitating knowledge and technology transfer from research institutes and the academia to national and international markets. In this respect park establishes international collaboration with prominent partners and lead as well as participate in transnational and cross-border projects. Since 1995 Technology Park Ljubljana has grown into a dynamic and innovative ecosystem with state-of-the-art R&D offices and laboratory buildings offering over 35,000 m2 of space.

The park is also a vibrant intellectual community. It represents a small city with more than 288 companies and more than 1,500 professionals in the following main clusters: ICT, Cleantech, Industrial Technologies, Life Science, Creative Industries, Automatization & Production, Health and Medicine and New Materials.

The business support services for all phases of company growth and development available within Technology Park Ljubljana are tailor-made and established upon contemporary business development theories. Specialised business services and tailor-made programmes are developed and improved by extensive participation in transnational projects and collaboration with strategic stakeholders.


Role of PP in ACCELMED project

Technology Park Ljubljana is project communication leader and thus coordinating the communication and visualisation of the ACCELMED project. Nevertheless, Technology Park Ljubljana is participating in contributing and implementation of the activities accordingly to the five work packages.

In this respect Technology Park Ljubljana brings to ACCELMED experience in development and implementation of acceleration schemes for technology oriented SMEs. On the one hand, Technology Park Ljubljana together with (national) strategic partners developed tailor made programme designed to accelerate their global growth. The programme envisions intensive business mentorships, access to worldwide business infrastructure, a platform for accessing capital and human resources, a web-based platform for global growth, and to a community of entrepreneurs and business mentors (softlanding programme is in the development phase). On the other hand, Technology Park Ljubljana supports companies’ access to funding by means of network activities (access to financial institutions) and investment Readiness Training. Lastly, the Start-up Centre TP Lj provides start-up companies with wide spectrum of specialised business consultancy services, assistance in creating business plans with state of the art tools, appropriate infrastructure and business networking.


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