During the project lifecycle partners will achieve the following results contributing to improve SMEs’ access to finance, support their internationalisation and assist in growth acceleration:

  • capitalize MED-KED, MACCBAM, 2inS results
  • prepare a Report on the Venture Capital in the Mediterranean
  • organise 7 Transnational Investment Forums
  • establish the Soft-landing Network supported by joing Workshops to define the soft-landing service package
  • develop acceleration programme
  • involve stakeholders
  • prepare a Policy reccomendation report for future MED initiatives and programmes

Crosslanding / softlanding services

The activities on crosslanding / softlanding services consist of three workshops in order to define a coordinated portfolio of crosslanding services; seven investment fora; and four acceleration programmes.

Three workshops for crosslanding services:

4th February, 2014 Ljubljana (Slovenia): Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Objective: Analyze and reflect on the entrepreneurship ecosystems of the partner cities with the stakeholders of the Ecosystem, in order to make an analysis and identify policy measures and landing services that will improve the conditions for internationalization of SMEs in the Mediterranean.

12 Speakers tackled 4 topics directly related to the ability of a territory to attract investment/businesses: Institutional framework; funding incentives; success stories; NGOs and networks.

3rd April, 2014 Marseille (France): Identification of softlanding services

Objective: Identify a unified portfolio of landing services: not meaning that every partner should offer the same services, but integrating the landing services offered by each partner in a coordinated way.

ACCELMED partners and related stakeholders presented the softlanding portofio in each territory and created an integrated chart of services.

3rd June, 2014 Milano (Italy): Launch of crosslanding services

Objective: Present the combined softlanding portfolios in front of other Mediterranean institutions for the establishment and promotion of a crosslanding cooperation beyond the project borders.

Video presentation of Softlanding Portfolio for landing business in Mediterranean has been launched. Access at


Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Venture Capital in the Mediterranean

Report on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Venture Capital in the Mediterranean is dedicated to entrepreneurs, investors and innovation players interested in understanding the condition of entrepreneurship in the countries of the Northern Mediterranean rim (France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain).

Download Report on Ventrue Capital

Partner Previous Experiences

Partners will develop a common methodology for the transnational support services in order to improve SMEs’ access to finance, to international markets and to business growth. As a starting point partners gathered their previous experiences in actions/programmes/activities in the field of:

  • tansnational access to funding,
  • cross-landing & internationalization services,
  • acceleration programme.

Core project activities will be implemented upon the partners’ previously experiences, networks and know-how.

Policy Recommendations

The key issues and policy recommendations to promote SMEs access to private funding, foster transnational investment, become a friendlier ecosystem for business landing and foster SMEs’ growth potential have been drawn upon the successful outcomes of the ACCELMED project!

Download Policy Recommendations